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The Parkway Playhouse- which has made its home in one of the oldest and most iconic theatre’s along the famous Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.- is now home to one of the most buzz worthy new shows in town featuring a Tik Tok celebrity, stars of the hit reality television competition series, “America’s Got Talent”, a magically appearing taxi cab (which you might recognize from Reba McEntire’s iconic “Fancy Tour”), death defying stunts, mentalism, levitation, and so much more.

Starring Rachael Wilson (aka Freckled Zelda), a Tik Tok star who boasts over 5 million ardent followers on her various social media platforms, and child magician superstars , Kaden and Brooklyn Rockett (finalists on NBC’s, “America’s Got Talent”), “Freckled Zelda’s Mythical, Magical World” is completely different from any other show you’ll see in town. It combines a completely original storyline (performed in the fashion of an off-Broadway show), featuring magic, comedy, and both original and cover music- all seamlessly incorporated into the show’s plot.

Wilson, arguably the most famous ocarina players in the world, showcases her musical skills on both this wildly unique instrument and the guitar. Meanwhile her smoky, raspy vocals shine in both original numbers as well as pieces from  Rogers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” and more.

Kaden and Brooklyn incorporate various forms of magic (ranging from mind-reading, to vanishing acts, to unbelievable stunts) into the show, with the precociousness, charm, and genuine, raw talent that has taken them around the world performing magic, including talk shows like “Ellen.”

Blake Walker (who wrote the vast majority of the script and has previously been seen in “The Little Mermaid” ) wows as “Obsidian”, the show’s supervillain, and plays the antagonist with great aplomb, and exquisite timing.

Wilson executes some of the show’s most heart pounding and dangerous stunts of the show, including acts with razor sharp knives and a large drill that miraculously “slices” through a brave audience volunteer, with no carnage whatsoever.

Strobe lighting, mystical sound effects, live birds, a beautifully designed fairy tale set and video screens add a multi -dimensional element to this family friendly show.

The show’s production team plans to add new illusions, more content, and a roster of completely original music to the show.

Prince, who portrays the magical unicorn, is sure to delight the kids (and the kids at heart). He appears at various portions of the show and even poses for photo ops and petting opportunities with show attendees in the lobby afterward.

VIP Passes offer fans the exclusive opportunity to spend time with the show’s three headliners backstage for some behind the scenes photo opportunities sure to make you the envy of all your friends on social media.

Come escape the ordinary at the Parkway Playhouse for a one of a kind fairytale experience you won’t soon forget.


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